Music is strange. In its physical form, it is measured as pressure moving through the air as a sound wave. Have you ever had a song stuck inside your head, perhaps when you are about to fall asleep? You can hear the song, as if it were playing right there. Music can provoke such deep and powerful thoughts, that the hairs on our arms can stand on end. Music has the power to move us, from sadness to joy, or even anger.

I don’t know exactly where my music comes from. Music from Iron Maiden and Metallica, to Armin van Buuren and Tiësto, to Phaxe and Morten Granau, all inspire the music I create. Often it’s during the first stage of sleep when my brain is producing theta waves. That is when I hear my music!

So many amazing music producers starting at an incredibly young age, some as young as thirteen. While I didn’t start producing music until much later in life (yes I’m officially old!), I am no stranger to the manipulation of sound waves. Back in the late 1990s, I built the loudest car in Great Britain at 158db, which was featured on British television. I continued to build competition winning car audio systems, instead focusing on sound quality rather than SPL. Achieving a perfect (flat) frequency response in a car is no easy feat.

After moving to the United States, while working at a Silicon Valley-based computer software company, I decided to put my technical skills and knowledge of audio engineering to use. PSYNUXX is about emotion, meaning, and the up-lifting essence of Trance with the offbeat groove of psytrance.